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Airline apologizes after threatening to remove a woman without bra from the plane

remove a woman
remove a woman

It’s a fact that is universally accepted it is the fact is that bras simply don’t fit.

It’s the best feeling to come home after a hard day, and taking your bra out or even removing any at all is the most ideal alternative, particularly when traveling.

Therefore, it’s normal to not put on a bra while taking flights. Lisa Archbold, from New Zealand has recently taken the exact same decision prior to boarding an Delta Airlines flight from Utah to San Francisco.

Lisa has claimed she was close to being removed from her plane because of her attire. (Picture: Lisa Archbold)

Lisa who is a music producer and DJ, skipped the bra, and was dressed casually in a male outfit during the two-hour journey. But, she says that when she arrived on the plane personnel threatened to get her off because of her offensive and “revealing” dress.

In this way, she believes that she was snubbed for “being gay” and for dressing as a man.

Prior to boarding the plane, staff at the airport did not raise any objections to her outfit, but when she embarked on the plane, Lisa says she was taken away out of her seat by Delta crew.

She said to The New Zealand Herald that the incident wasn’t related to boobs, but definitely concerning being queer’.

Lisa added: “[The staff person] basically abused Delta’s policy of humiliating and abuse a woman who she did not consider to be an honest woman in a positive manner.’

The DJ ultimately agreed with staff’s suggestion to cover herself’ and don her jacket before boarding the plane.

After landing, she lodged a claim claiming that the dress code for airline employees was “highly subjective” and allowed passengers to be vulnerable to abuse based on the employees’ personal preferences.

The contract of carriage for Delta stipulates that it may deny to carry or remove passengers off their planes in the event that their conduct, dress or hygiene pose an unjustifiable danger of offense, or causes annoyance to passengers’.

Lisa wants the change of their policy because she does not think that it’s fair and reasonable.

But she also confirmed that the airline apologized for the incident.

The announcement comes following a previous airline caused controversy when it announced that it would test the weighing of passengers along with their luggage prior to departure.

Finnish airline Finnair has begun weighing passengers who depart from Helsinki on February 5, in hopes that they’ll be at estimating the weight of the plane.

Finnair is a budget airline that offers flights that connect the UK and Finland it has already carried over 500 volunteers clients to date.

In August of last year, Korean Air raised eyebrows when they announced that it would be bringing to the table a controversial policy.

It started weighing passengers arriving at Gimpo Airport, which is on domestic routes as well as Incheon Airport on international flights in September of last year.

The largest Korean carrier, set out to decrease the amount of fuel wasted and to more precisely determine the aircraft’s weight.

Airlines should determine the mass of their aircraft, its interior as well as its passengers prior to departure in order in order to make sure the flight is safe and balanced.

You can use the average weights offered by the aviation regulators, or they can collect their own weights.

Finnair states that it does not tie weights of its passengers’ in any way’ with their personal information. Other airlines that measure passengers’ weights are Air New Zealand and Hawaiian Airlines.


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