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Police were able to spend four hours inside the the home of a woman who was missing, viewing Netflix as she lifted her dumbbells


One woman was stunned to come back from mental health issues and find that officers had stayed for hours at her house, in the evening watching Netflix and chilling.

The search group was in search of Abbygail lawton, 21, of Wigan by using an air-force drone and police helicopter due to concerns over her wellbeing on the 3rd of January.

The woman was gone for eleven hours until she was found by two police officers and was confined for all night in a prison cell in a police station after being arrested for ‘wasting time with the police’.

After returning at home on the following day and checked her home’s CCTV She claimed that two policemen were in her home,’mocking her.

Abbygail reported to the MailOnline when she went to leave, two male police officers walked in, and they turned to Netflix on my TV and made comments on the content I’d watched.

“They said regarding the series Boy in Striped Pyjamas – that I’d previously watched and another one I’d seen.

“Then they’ll tell you “we might like to watch something that’s similar to”Come to Dinner With Me” before the another officer notices that Dog’s Behaving badly and begins to say that “it’s pretty excellent”.

Abbygail was astonished to examine her home’s CCTV, and discover people watching TV at her home for hours (Picture: Abbygail Lawton)
One also began working out with the dumbbells that she put away (Picture Abbygail lawton)

Then they pick something from Netflix and begin watching television. One of the police officers takes my dumbbell, and then starts working out, as you will see on the video as they sit back.’

One officer, she claimed, stared directly into the camera, and said “Hello Abbygail I’m sure you’re looking at us.’

The mom said two officers started watching television because a female officer had told them “you should probably chill here, in case she ever comes to visit’ after conducting the house search.

It also appears that CCTV has captured the officers climbing her walls rather than using the locked gate to gain entry into her home.

Abbygail lodged a formal complaint to Greater Manchester Police, saying her privacy was violated. Abbygail also says she was not properly arrested because she was suffering from an illness of mental health.

Abbygail went missing for eleven hours, before she was spotted by two officers of the police (Picture Abbygail Lawton)

The woman added that she was ‘disappointed’ and resentful of the two officers watching TV and the remarks they made, and the way they behaved on my property. I haven’t given them permission to stay in my home or to watch television or utilize my fitness equipment.

“It seemed like I was mocking them and snarking about me while I was in the woods during an emergency, and the storm was terrible that day. It was rainy and freezing, I clearly was suffering from mental health issues and they were sitting on the couch watching television in a manner that said, “F**k it, we don’t care what she’s doing or gone.”‘

In the course of an investigation, police concluded that the conduct of the two officers was not in violation of the norms of professionalism However, they must be aware of and take lessons from the incident.

A spokesperson from Greater Manchester Police said: Greater Manchester is a crowded police force and there’s always an emergency call that needs to be answered, therefore it’s only natural that the public release of the CCTV pictures without any explanations might undermine trust and faith.

“What the CCTV does not say is that the officers’ presence in the premises for an extended period was agreed upon by those who were in charge of the operation, to ensure that the female would be protected in the event she returned back to the house, which she stated she would like to.

“The officers have been talked to and have been made aware that even though the TV was put on and dumbbells taken out, they ought to be avoiding watching the show or using them while they were at the area.’

Abbygail continues to communicate with the police, and she may seek a reconsideration of the decision if she wishes to.


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