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Vanessa Woodfield’s Emmerdale returning spoilers have been revealed. she’s a victim of kidnap and terror

Vanessa Woodfield's Emmerdale returning spoilers have been revealed
Vanessa Woodfield's Emmerdale returning spoilers have been revealed

The vet departed the town in 2022. What did she get doing?

RHONA Goskirk escaped from the Dales while carrying the baby Ivy on her lap while she struggled to keep her distance from her little one.

While she’s away from Emmerdale, Rhona reconnects with Vanessa Woodfield who is finally back on our screens this week.

Vanessa returns to Emmerdale this week. Credit: ITV

Her last appearance was the latter part of 2022. Credit: ITV

Will she be greeted to return by the villagers? Credit: ITV

Rhona Goskirk (played by Zoe Henry) was shocked by the revelation that her ex-husband Gus Malcolms (Alan McKenna) disclosed that he used an embryo frozen by her in order to get the family he had been planning to have.

It was the cause of the sweet baby girl Ivy and after Rhona met her new baby she was shocked but then her joy faded.

In the meantime, she began to feel a strong draw towards Ivy and has struggled to avoid her.

When Gus took the decision to bring Ivy back after initially having a difficult time as a single dad, Rhona took things to the next level by abducting the infant girl, and then abandoning the village.

The next week on ITV The Yorkshire-based show is going to reveal the fact that Rhona has found a safe place to hide from little Ivy and her mother in a hidden vacation cottage, but she’s not the only one.

In fact, Rhona is not only being with Ivy and Ivy, but also her beloved close friend Vanessa Woodfield as actress Michelle Hardwick will soon return to her character.

The viewers who have been watching the series that ran for so long will be aware, Vanessa left the Dales at the end of 2022 to pursue the possibility of a new job in Canada and gave time for Michelle Hardwick to make the best of her pregnancy leave.

In the days prior to her departure Vanessa was involved in romantic relationships in a romantic relationship with Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough).

The relationship was a result of the breakup of her relationships with Fiona and her long-term companion Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins).

What will it be like to welcome her returning into the Dales by the former love of her life?

As this is yet to be confirmed, Rhona asks Vanessa to assist her as well as Ivy in deciding whether to begin a new chapter across the Atlantic… and in Canada.

Vanessa is trying to get Rhona off the subject, but she isn’t willing to give up the notion.

In the meantime, Rhona’s mom Mary (Louise Jameson) and husband Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) persuade Gus to not immediately contact the police to report Ivy’s abduction.

In spite of his personal hurt, Gus gives them until the midday hour to locate Rhona.

In the other scene, Vanessa tries to call Marlon regarding the issue and, as she is unable to get a signal, she’s not able to contact him.

Gus becomes increasingly agitated with the time approaching and nervous Marlon decides to contact the police on his own.

But, with Vanessa having managed to contact Vanessa with Rhona, and thus revealing her location, Mary begs Marlon to speak to his wife, and Gus willfully allows.

Marlon arrives at the house at the exact moment Rhona prepares to go out together with Ivy.

Although initially adamant, Rhona finally seems to be able to see the consequences of her choices in the midst of Marlon is discussing her thoughts with her.

Unfortunately, Gus and the police are soon on the scene to apprehend the devastated Rhona to be kidnapped.

Can Vanessa assist in getting Rhona free of her troubles?

Emmerdale is shown on weeknights at 7.30pm to 8.30pm ITV.

Vanessa is involved in the kidnapping of Rhona. ITV

She hasn’t yet reconnect with her sibling Tracy


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