Emmerdale villain Tom King is set to ramp up his controlling ways after he ends up attacking one beloved villager.

In a shocking twist, Emmerdale’s Vinny Dingle (played by Bradley Johnson) is left for dead after a brutal attack by a villainous character. The horrifying scenes unfold after Tom King (James Chase) targets his next victim, escalating his cruel behaviour toward his wife Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper).

In upcoming scenes, Tom resorts to violence in an attempt to prevent his stalking of Belle from being discovered. Viewers are aware that Tom has been manipulatively controlling Belle since their wedding, with his actions intensifying over time.

His aim is to dominate her life completely, isolating her from her job, friends, and family. Belle’s close relationship with Vinny triggers his anger, as he wants her to depend solely on him.

However, when Belle’s phone breaks, Vinny steps in to repair it. This leads to Tom cutting short a business trip after realising that Belle and Vinny are spending time together and he can’t reach her.

While Belle and Vinny are out walking their dogs, Tom leaves an irate voicemail for Belle, preparing to confront her. On returning home to find her absent and unable to track her via the app, he begins to unravel.

Meanwhile, Vinny takes Belle’s broken phone back to the scrapyard. Tom, believing Belle to be there due to tracking her phone, decides to investigate.

However, he is caught off guard when he hears Vinny entering the cabin, leading to panic.

In an attempt to avoid detection, he strikes Vinny on the head with a paperweight, leaving him injured and unconscious on the floor.

As Vinny lies motionless, Tom hastily wipes away his fingerprints from the scene and leaves Vinny bleeding in the portacabin.


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