Emmerdale’s latest episode saw Mackenzie Boyd make a big mistake that could lead to his death on the ITV soap, ahead of deadly scenes involving villain Damon Harris

Emmerdale scenes may have teased Mackenzie Boyd’s death in the latest episode of the ITV soap.

The character found himself in serious danger this week at the hands of villain Harry, who turned out to be Chloe Harris’ father Damon Harris. Chloe had turned to her estranged father for help, after fiancé Mack betrayed her and dumped her for his ex Charity Dingle.

Of course just weeks earlier Chloe nearly died in a car crash, after Mack saved Charity over her as he could not rescue both. Chloe survived and Mack proposed, only for him to dump her days later – resulting in Chloe doing a runner with their baby son Reuben.

This week, Mack was shown bound and beaten in a disused warehouse, tied to a chair. Damon made his plan clear when Chloe found out, claiming he was just holding Mack captive until he signed away his rights to being a part of his son’s life.

Chloe had wanted to leave the country without Mack being able to follow them, so Harry said this was the only way. Of course it was clear to viewers Damon had no intention of letting Mack go and Chloe soon realised this too.

On Friday, fans saw the character secretly trying to help Mack by cutting his ropes and giving him a small knife to do the rest, while she kept Damon distracted at home. Of course Damon had eyes on the place, and it wasn’t long until he realised Mack had tried to run free.

Viewers saw Damon find the chair empty with the ropes on the floor, before he managed to track down Mack who had not left the warehouse. Instead, Mack was trapped, with him not having got very far.

Soon he was caught by Damon and his heavies, but could he be killed off in a major twist? It comes ahead of a gun showdown that sees Charity facing danger when she takes on Damon, in a bid to rescue Mack.


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