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Tom King from Emmerdale’s Tom King upsets Belle Dingle with his savage wedding dress comments

Emmerdale spoilers
Emmerdale spoilers

He is continuing to display his darker face.

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Tom King has once again been astonished Belle Dingle with a cruel observation regarding her wedding gown on Emmerdale.

The public has seen a darker face of Tom during the lead-up to their wedding since Tom was a bit rough with Belle in the last few months and has been known to make a number of rude comments in the past.

The Thursday (February 8) double bill on Thursday saw the two embark on a “sten night” which combines the stag and hen parties as well as Tom showing his darker side after they had drank.

The event began disastrously the moment Tom was unaware of the wedding dress of Belle when he entered Suzy Merton, who was preparing for the wedding. Tom was further irritated after Suzy told her that Marlon Dingle had been entrusted in the making of the wedding cake. This left Tom to feel ostracized from the process of planning.

As Belle visited to meet Suzy She was sad to learn that Tom has accidentally spotted her wedding gown.

When it was time to go for the actual “sten night”, Belle had a wonderful moment as the girls delighted her with a gorgeous Cut-out Tom. Tom was soaking up his grief in Suni Sharma in the Woolpack in which he said the need for an’sten night’ as Suni was his only true partner within the village.

“It does not matter, because I’ve got that one person I’ve ever needed right here. I’ve had Belle. I love her, and she is my love,” the man stated to Suni. “What more could I want?”

The girls soon came to the Woolpack and a drinking Tom took to the top of the bar to express his adoration for his bride-to be.

But, when the couple returned home Tom hurt Belle by suggesting that she purchase an “better” wedding dress prior to when they tied the knot.

“You do not have to the best of your cheap dress,” Tom told her. “I am willing to pay. I would like everything to be in order.”

Belle felt a bit irritated over her boyfriend’s infliction of insults as the story ended.

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