Home and Away spoilers follow for Australian-pace episodes, which some UK viewers may prefer to avoid.

Home and Away has confirmed that VJ Patterson is heading back to Summer Bay, as his mum Leah prepares to marry Justin Morgan.

Actor Matt Little is reprising his role as VJ for Leah and Justin’s wedding scenes, having last been seen in the Bay in 2017 when he fled to Cyprus with baby Luc, the daughter of his late wife Billie.

A new promotional clip sharing a first-look at Leah and Justin’s romantic wedding, which has been aired in Australia, confirms his return as VJ is seen walking a smiling Leah down the aisle towards Justin.

VJ Patterson in Home and Away
Channel 5

The clip also confirms that Justin’s sister Tori, played by Penny McNamee, is back for the big day too, as she is shown smiling at the ceremony. Tori departed in 2021, as she set off for a new life with husband Christian Green and her daughter, Grace.

The romantic promo features a sneak peek at Leah smiling as she is driven to the ceremony in her wedding car and escorted from the vehicle by Alf Stewart, before flashbacks of her and Justin’s relationship are played.

Justin is seen wearing a white tuxedo as he waits for Leah to arrive, with Leah’s nephew Theo Poulos accompanying him. The couple are also shown exchanging their vows, while their emotional family and friends watch on.

leah patterson and justin morgan in home and away
Channel 5

Leah and Justin’s big day has been a long time coming, with the couple having recently survived a huge test of their relationship after their terrifying kidnapping ordeal by cult Vita Nova led to Leah experiencing a breakdown.

Following a stay at a clinic, Leah decided to continue keeping her distance from Justin as she recovered. Eventually, it was her new friend Valerie Beaumont who convinced Leah to give her relationship another chance, and Leah announced to Justin that she was ready to become his wife.


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