Scroll down to watch the Emmerdale villain’s son destroy Lisa Dingle’s ashes in a sick abuse plot against his wife Belle Dingle

ITV Passenger fans were surprised to see an Emmerdale villain – 12 years after his dramatic soap departure.

Viewers tuning into the drama on Sunday night noticed a familiar face

Emmerdale actor, Tom Lister who played the infamous Carl King appeared on the show for the first time in over a decade since leaving the ITV soap.

Tom played the iconic villain for eight years, between 2004 and 2012.

He was shockingly written off in a live episode back in 2012 – killed by serial killer Cameron Murray.

After Carl boasted about being able to make people disappear and remain untouched, Cameron hit him over the head with a brick.

The death went down as one of the most iconic in soap history, with his last words, ironically, being “because I’m indestructible.”

During Sunday night’s episode of Passenger, detective Riya’s ex-husband Nick played by Tom popped up.

His unexpected comeback shocked Riya and surprised viewers too.

Tom’s return as Nick left fans in disbelief, as many recognised him from Emmerdale.

Taking to X/Twitter, one wrote: “No way! It’s Carl King.”

A second exclaimed: “Not Carl King!!!”

A third added: “Bloomin’ Carl King.” 

A fourth wrote: “It’s Carl King, oh my god.”

A fifth penned: “That’s mad! Carl King is playing Nick.”

After his Emmerdale character was killed off, actor Tom appeared in shows like Doctors and Casualty.

The actor even graced the West End stage.

Elsewhere on Emmerdale, Carl King’s on-screen song, Tom King has been tormenting his wife Belle Dingle with mind games involving gaslighting, intimidation and manipulation.

Lately, Tom has been getting more controlling, putting a tracking app on her phone to spy on her.

He’s been playing mind games with Belle, trying to cut her off from everyone and take over her life.

Viewers have even compared Tom to his savage father on social media.

One wrote: “Like father like son!”

A second fumed: “Tom is a scumbag just like his father, wow.”

Passenger is available to watch in full on ITVX, and continues Monday night at 9pm on ITV1


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