A ‘spoilt and proud’ woman has listed the Christmas presents she doesn’t want to receive today, as she admitted she’d be openly ‘ungrateful’ for them.

If we’re all being honest, some Christmas presents are just a bit rubbish. Whether there’s just not enough thought put into it, or it’s something you just really didn’t want or need, we’ve all received at least one stinker in our lifetimes. This Christmas, one woman has openly listed the presents that she would be “ungrateful for” if her family gave them to her – and while she described herself as a “spoilt b***h” for her thoughts, many people agreed with her.

The woman, named Sam, shared a tongue-in-cheek video on her @jet_set_gypsea account on TikTok in which she said she would be unhappy if she received designer clothes and jewellery for Christmas, but had very good reasons for not enjoying them. Introducing her list, she said: “I’m a spoilt b***h, and here are some things I would be ungrateful for if I got them as gifts this Christmas.”

First up were designer clothes that feature too many logos. She explained: “I’ve been seeing a lot of this like, overly logoed stuff recently. For some reason I don’t hate logo central on a bag, [but on clothes] it’s heinous.”

She then took aim at designer jewellery as she showed a picture of a Tiffany necklace and said: “This, or any other designer jewellery – it’s just silver. You could literally get this that doesn’t say Tiffany on it for probably about £40. There’s nothing elegant or unique about this necklace whatsoever. You could get something much nicer from a little jewellery shop locally, it’s a no.”

And finally, Sam said she wasn’t a fan of receiving “generic gift cards”, and would only accept a gift card if it had some thought behind it. She shared: “I don’t mind specific gift cards, for someone to have put some thought into it. If they get you a gift card for the place where you have your nails done, or your hairdresser, or they know specifically that you want a bag and they want you to choose it yourself so they get you a gift card for the shop that you’ll get it from. But if it’s a generic [gift card], it just says I put no thought into this, I didn’t even go to a shop, I probably just bought it at the till while I was doing my groceries.”

While Sam’s video was supposed to be light-hearted and taken as a joke, many people in the comments actually agreed with her, with some praising her for encouraging people to shop at local independent jewellers rather than paying high prices for designer brands.

One person said: “Actually you don’t sound spoilt, I think you are asking for thought/quality over expense. Not spoilt at all,” while another posted: “It’s so true that it’s the thought that counts. I don’t mind a gift card though. I’ll always find something,” and a third wrote: “I definitely agree about the designer jewellery! The amount these brands charge and it’s 18k PLATED or just Stirling silver.”

Speaking to The Mirror, Sam said her video was “definitely tongue-in-cheek” and said the main message of the clip was to show that it’s the “thought that counts”. She added: “The huge queue of husbands outside Pandora on Christmas Eve is a testament to the opposite in my opinion.”

This isn’t the first tongue-in-cheek video about Christmas presents Sam has shared on her TikTok account either, as she previously posted another clip in which she jokingly slammed Christmas pyjamas, Pandora jewellery, and Ugg boots, where she said: “I’m not a toddler, nor am I a pumpkin spiced latte girl from American Pinterest. They make you walk like you’ve s**t yourself!”


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