Tammin Sursok is set to release her first memoir. 

The former Home and Away star shared the good news to her Instagram page on Friday, announcing that the tome will land in 2025. 

‘This is honestly a dream come true, as I’ve been writing essays and snippets about my life for almost ten years now’ Tammin explained. 

‘It’s very surreal that these insights into my past are now turning into a book’ she continued. 

‘There is a lot I’ve opened up about already, but there’s also so much more to uncover. Thank you to Pantera Press for joining forces with me. Watch this space’

A further note from her publisher read: ‘At a time when we are revisiting our often brutal treatment of women in the 90s and 2000s, especially young women in entertainment, Tammin’s warts-and-all story reveals how this scrutiny played out in her own life, from career highs to some devastating lows. 

‘This heartfelt book is an extended love letter not only to Tammin’s younger self but also to her own daughters, calling for a world that is kinder to them than the one she grew up in.’

Tammin has always been candid about her struggles in the industry and previously discussed her battle with her body image, admitting that she ‘desired to be wanted, to be lusted over’ as a young girl and struggled with an eating disorder.

Posting a series of heartbreaking stories to her Instagram in honour of International Women’s Day, the actress reflected on the devastating effects she suffered being objectified by men.

The first story she shared was about a young boy she had a crush on who told her she needed to lose weight at the age of 15.

She revealed she was ‘paralysed in fear and lust’ when he approached her, saying: ‘My heart stopped. I had daydreamed for years that this moment would come.’

But her dream came crashing down when the boy brutally told her: ‘You need to go to Jenny Craig [weight loss program].’

Sursok moved on to her next story which recounted a time when she had dropped to 45 kilograms in weight by forcing herself to throw up after a meal.

‘I had spent the last 40 minutes ramming my chapped and raw knuckles down my throat. I knew this routine well. I had become an expert at lying,’ she said.

‘I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and saw my eyes; they looked like they were bleeding. I weakly smiled at my reflection. I was 100 pounds (45 kilos), I thought, now people would love me.’

Finally, Sursok told the story of the 30-year-old man she dated at the age of 21 who she let make fun of her body because ‘I was taught in school that boys that like you make fun of you’.

The South African-born Australian finished her post by adding she used to cry over her post-baby body and spent over 30 years being told ‘the only way to happiness, worth and love was for other people to view my body as good enough’.

She said: ‘To all my fellow women warriors that have ever struggled with self-worth, body image and the fear to break free of old belief systems, I see you. May we all love ourselves.’


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