Victoria faces more backlash from Jacob’s family.


Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Victoria Sugden will end up punching Leyla Harding in new Emmerdale scenes.

The aftermath continues next week from Victoria’s split from Jacob Gallagher, with the noble reasons for the break-up thus far backfiring.

Victoria only dumped Jacob because she didn’t want to hold him back from taking on a six-week placement in Berlin as part of his medical studies.

Nevertheless, Jacob’s family have been out for revenge against Victoria — starting with his grandfather Eric Pollard getting her fired from Hide.


In upcoming scenes, it’s Leyla who ends up clashing with Victoria as she tries to help Jacob recover from his heartache.

Meanwhile, Victoria is nursing a broken heart too as well as a seemingly hopeless career path after being unceremoniously sacked by boss Jai Sharma.

Moira Dingle is there to lend support to Victoria during this rough patch, including encouraging her to look for new job opportunities.

Leyla is hard at work encouraging Jacob to move on from Victoria, but her sad son still isn’t willing to give up on the relationship.

When she encourages Jacob to focus on his studies, he shocks his mum by revealing he wants to take a break from medical school – as he secretly hopes this will lead to Victoria taking him back.

His decision sparks a huge clash between Victoria and Leyla in the village, with all of the bad blood from their past coming to the surface.


Victoria gets so heated that she punches Leyla, leading PC Swirling to arrest her on suspicion of assault.

Will Jacob intervene in this feud between his mum and ex-girlfriend?

As fans may remember, the bad blood between Leyla and Victoria runs deep, as Leyla was outraged to find out her nemesis was dating Jacob after previously being with his father David.

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