The actor who played the most popular character on the show, Alf Stewart, Ray Meagher, is now at the heart of Home and Away.

Some question whether he’ll continue in soap operas, as 35 years ago, he was honored on the soap in 2023.

In addition to the course, He has been married for 14 years. He is convinced that his wife helped him save his life.

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What is the age of Ray and from where does he come where is he from?

Ray, aged 79, was born on July 4th, 1944. Ray was raised in a cattle and sheep station. He was born in Roma, located in Queensland.

Then, at nine, he enrolled in a boarding school on the Gold Coast, where he played rugby, among many other activities.

Who is the wife of Ray?

Before getting married in a private ceremony in 2010, Ray and his ex-nurse wife, Gilly, had a six-year relationship.

The TV star said that as they’d had a previous marriage, they did not want to make a fuss about the wedding.

Ray confirmed that Gilly does not like getting noticed and isn’t a frequent guest with her partner since they don’t wish him to fret about her when they attend awards shows.

Do you know if Ray has kids?

There is no need to say that Ray isn’t the father of any children. He said he could not imagine finding a partner as a child acting as a freelancer as he was concerned about whether he’d have enough food to eat.

The man described his job as a “funny occupation that’s been around for a while,” saying that it was “precarious” since there was no way to know the day you’d have an opportunity to work again.

However, Ray has one stepdaughter named Rebecca, who was a part of a previous marriage with Gilly, his wife. Gilly.

Rebecca, now in her 40s, is fond of calling every week at least and arranging dinner at least once a month.

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At the beginning of the year, Ray’s doctor identified three blockages that were significant in his coronary artery, which led to a triple bypass.

Another surgery was required following a “tickle” within his chest on a walk 7 months later.

Ray believes his wife, who is a nurse in the past, has saved his life and helped in his healing.

She was referred to as”a “life-saver” as she radically altered his habits and made his health.

Moving out of Home and Away

Ray has confirmed that he will be leaving Home and Away shortly.

In 2022, he said in 2022 to Inside Soap, “More than 90 percent of the time, I’m in love with this place.” The people have significant roles in the.

“That’s due in part to the outstanding team. It is similar to having a new home every single day and then leaving the old one in the dust. For a quick response, I’ll do it one day. When, though? Who can tell?

In addition, he said that he signed a five-year contract for the soap show this year.

“I signed a contract for five years in the last calendar year,” He told The Sun. “Well, I’ll be sure to keep track of that.”


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