Stars from Home and Away and ABC, Lincoln Younes and Costa Georgiadis were among the participants in an “Invasion Day” protest against Australia Day celebrations on Friday in Sydney.

In the midst of thousands of other people across the nation to demonstrate in support of Australia Day on January 26 as well as to support Indigenous Rights, Lincoln uploaded a photo on his Instagram.

Utilizing the colors of the Aboriginal flag — black, yellow and red–the actress added captions to the image.

Costa added Lincoln and Lincoln. The latter was also seen during the show with red shorts, the white shirt.

The messy hairstyle along with his bushy beard and a brown hat The man blended with crowd while keeping his low-profile.

Meanwhile, Abbie Chatfield announced that “because it’s Invasion Day,” she will not post an episode of her podcast.

Hey to everyone! Because this is Invasion Day, there won’t be any Nightmare Fuel episode tomorrow. We have instead listed the rallies and protests happening across the main cities.

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“What has been, still is and will always continue to.”

Nasser Sultan, who was a star of Married At First Sight, has condemned Australia Day as a holiday.

The sole nation to commemorate the date of its invading is Australia. It’s like America having an event at the pool during Pearl Harbor Day,” said the official.

Matty Fahd, star of Gogglebox made a special tribute in honor of Indigenous Australians on Australia Day.

The Instagram user posted a photo with two Aboriginal women raising flags of the Australian Aboriginal Flag on Instagram.

The author wrote “Always was and always was and always will be” as a caption for the post.

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Jesinta Campbell wrote her opinion piece on Thursday, slamming Australia Day as a commemoration of “colonization.”

A 32-year old former Miss Universe Australia, who has been married by Indigenous Sydney Swans player Lance “Buddy” Franklin, used Instagram to share a variety of messages from famous adversaries of Australia Day.

“Invasion Day” was spelled beneath in large letters as well as the words ‘Australia Day” were crossed out of the initial post.

“The rise of a race at the cost of another race,” it went on. Will you be able to get the right place names of your home area? Once you have completed this, study their events that they have in the month of April or during the season. Go to them. Get immersed in the local tradition.

The picture that reads, “Australia is the only nation to celebrate colonization day as their official holiday,” was finally reposted by Jesinta.


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