Emmerdale’s Ruby Fox-Milligan will injure Chas Dingle as the pair get into a heated argument.

Emmerdale’s Ruby has had a hectic time since arriving in the village, with her on/off relationship with husband Caleb leading to confrontation after he had an affair with Tracy Robinson.

Feeling neglected, Ruby demanded that Caleb devote more time and attention to their failing marriage, but he has been steadfast in prioritising the needs of his family.

ruby miligan, chas dingle, caleb miligan, emmerdale

In next week’s scenes, Ruby has made plans for the pair to make a life outside of the village, but is furious to discover via a conversation with Chas, Caleb’s sister, that he has no intention of departing.

She follows her husband into The Woolpack intent on making her feelings known, with tempers flaring as she gets into arguments with various members of the Dingle family.

The confrontation takes a nasty turn as she elbows Chas in the chest, with Caleb publicly shunning her as he decisively sides with his family, leaving Ruby to mull on her own.

As she’s wracked with regret, Caleb comes outside and scolds her for creating a scene, leaving Ruby to plead that the scuffle with Chas was an accident. Will Caleb believe her, and just how will their relationship fare from here?

ruby miligan, chas dingle, caleb miligan, aaron dingle, emmerdale

Ever since Ruby’s arrival in the village, several fans have noted the character’s similarities to Kim Tate, though actor Beth Cordingly remarked that such comparisons were wide of the mark.

“I don’t think she’s anything like Kim because Kim is very cool and calculated and Ruby just reacts to stuff very fierily and then is quite often full of regret afterwards,” explained Cordingly.

“The only way I can justify her behaviour is that she’s terrified of losing him [Caleb] so she sees his family as a threat. Instead of being clever about it and befriending them she keeps insulting them and kicking out against them, which is obviously not going to help.”


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