The situation is not great for the entire family. What will they do with the likelihood that Angelica may be headed for an indefinite sentence of custodial?

Jimmy King’s (Nick Miles) strategy to protect his little girl Angelica King (Rebecca Bakes) from prison was not successful. all that long in Emmerdale.

Following the incident, Angelica confessed to Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) that she was the person who was driving the vehicle that crashed, and Heath Hope (Sebastian Dowling) died, Jimmy insisted that Cathy Hope (Gabrielle Dowling) was the person with moral responsibility. The woman who took the car as well as she had permitted Angelica, the younger Angelica the privilege of driving.

He instructed Angelica to believe the claim that she’d been sitting in the back seat all the time and had been preparing for the possibility of seeing Cathy get a prison sentence instead.

By the Tuesday’s (January 23) episode, Jimmy was feeling hugely at sea, and especially the moment a distraught Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) wanted to speak to Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw).

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There’s a lot of uncertainty for your family.

In his efforts to comfort Bob as he tended to his friend, whom was crying, grieving the loss of the son he loved, Jimmy could not help but be uncomfortable.

He later told Nicola the next day that Bob was grieving in his arms and he began to doubt the plans. It’s enough for him to lose Heath and Cathy, but making him believe that it was Cathy’s fault is a mistake.I do not think he’s able to overcome that feeling and move on,’ he stated.

It was now Nicola’s turn to explain that they were required to stay with the narrative But they were unaware that Angelica heard the whole conversation.Angelica has been waiting for Cathy be the one to blame. (Picture: ITV)

Then she walked into the B&B dressed in a dress and was surprised to find Bob speaking to Liam Cavanagh ( Jonny McPherson). In their amazement, she broke the news to them.

Bob was furious. ‘You killed my boy and allow Cathy be the one to take the blame she told him. Cathy and April came in and realized that something was wrong, but Cathy wasn’t overly happy at Bob as he had not believed her earlier.

While they were on their own, Bob and Cathy made an agreement after Cathy requested if the fight might be stopped.

In the meantime, for Angelica and her family, things were looking very grim.

The police station was where Angelica confessed to the police. Police officers informed she that this was consistent with the evidence in the forensic report. In addition to her fingerprints across the wheel and her blood also dripped onto the seat of the driver.

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If Angelica would have stuck to the narrative Jimmy came up with for her, the truth could have been revealed in the end.

The situation don’t look good for her since she’s accused of killing someone due to reckless driving.

How can the family deal with the chance that Angelica could be headed for an indefinite sentence?


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