Vile Dean was able to utilize Jade to gain advantage

We believed that Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) was unable to lower his stoop in EastEnders He has resorted the his vulnerable his daughter Jade Masood (Elizabeth Green) to bring his to the same community he is rightfully snubbed him.

Dean was back in Albert Square last October and received a cold welcome from nearly everyone.

It is widely known that in Walford that Dean was a raped Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) and attempted to replicate the act on Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons) He wanted to establish his life in Walford, even asserting that he was uninvolved of any crime.

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In a frightful confrontation with Linda, Dean revealed that the plan was to relocate back in Albert Square in order to be nearer to his Jade, his daughter. Jade she needed an organ transplant.

Vile Dean was able to utilize Jade to gain advantage

It was a blessing that Jade got the stem cell transplant she required, however Dean has not shown any signs of going away from Walford even with Jade’s mother Shabnam declaring she isn’t interested in him being associated with their daughter’s life.

In recent episodes, Jade came to stay with Dean in the belief she had grown tired of her mom nagging at her. Dean quickly realized that he could have the ability to leverage the girl to his advantage.

He instantly felt elated after Jade said she was convinced by him over Linda on what transpired between them. He got an insight after Jade acknowledged that she loved Gina Knight (Francesca Henry).Jade’s demise is a chance for Dean an chance

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Gina was the first to see Dean’s real colors earlier in the night and had kicked him off down the street and to the joy and relief of the family.

But this didn’t deter Dean from trying to make a splash by asking Jade to join him for a few hours with Jade whom he said was depressed and lonely due to her transplant.

It was a blessing that Gina was able to see through his and suggested that Dean should approach Amy Mitchell (Ellie Dadd) to stay in touch with her. People who watch the show will realize the reason for this. Amy mention of their relationship which made Gina realize what was happening as well as Dean was not a fan to her advice.

An accident later at the market resulted in Jade falling badly then, before long Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) as well as Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) have rallied to aid.

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When they finally reached Jade back home safely, Dean spotted a potential possibility of getting back in the the group, and was able to ask Jean to see if Jade could come back and meet Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) at some point.

Jean was willing to talk to Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) however she made it clear that everyone was only nice towards Jade as they admired Jade and Shabnam.

Are you sure that Dean ever learn that he’s not wanted by Walford?


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