Our EastEnders spoilers for Christmas and New Year can reveal that Whitney Dean is to fall pregnant again. This shock comes as she and Zack struggle to connect with foster child, Ashton.

But how will they both react when they discover that Whitney is pregnant? And what will she decide to do?

Read our EastEnders spoilers for this storyline in full below.

Whitney and Zack struggle to connect with Ashton

Whitney is woken by Ashton’s cries when outside noises disturb his sleep. She goes to console him, but there’s tension between her and Zack, who struggles to connect with the child.

Later, Zack and Whitney are devastated as they tell Ashton that he’ll have to move to a new foster home. While Whitney battles her emotions, Zack drowns his sorrows at Peggy’s with Martin. Meanwhile, Sonia attempts to cheer up Whitney, but has no luck.

Pregnancy shock leaves Zack and Whitney reeling

Back at home, Whitney takes a pregnancy test – which comes back positive. But how will she and Zack react to her pregnancy – so soon after the loss of baby Peach?

As she and Zack discuss the news, the social worker who has come to collect Ashton interrupts them.

Later, on the market, Whitney shows Sonia a picture of Ashton with his new foster family. As they head over to No.25, Zack and Reiss grab a drink together.

Whitney talks to shocked Zack on EastEnders

Whitney makes a decision

The next day, Whitney goes to the allotment to visit Peach’s tree. There she is interrupted by Yolande, who shares her own experience as a foster parent.

As Whitney breaks down, the pair share a heart-to-heart. Whitney then makes a decision, and heads home.

What will she do?

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