Marlon’s family faces the risk being shattered

There’s an incredibly dark twist in store to Rhona (Zoe Henry) in Emmerdale as, in an era of suffering there’s an opportunity which could mean she has to sacrifice her loved ones, and she is quick to take it.

The moment that everyone were afraid of, Gus (Alan McKenna) has returned and is eager to be an all-time dad to Ivy. Rhona is devastated by his return. She tried unsuccessfully to keep him from however, she now is watching as he bags everything for the baby and gets ready to go.

Marlon has been anticipating this particular moment due to another reason, as he is aware of how vulnerable his wife is and is aware that this is the time she may actually fracture in half.

After his first long night as a father, Gus returns to see the family and Rhona is eager to hold the infant.

Marlon’s family faces the risk being shattered

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The girl is elated to know how Gus is doing. Gus is doing and gets another stab to the tummy after Gus declares he’s eager to search for a home for their family.

To help keep his family together, Marlon floats the idea of having them all as co-parents however Gus dismisses the idea quickly when he shares his next piece of important announcement – that he’s moving Ivy from the United States to France.

On the next day, he is back to the scene, but and this time, he is crazed with regret for having to announce such a huge announcement. He wishes to allow Rhona and Marlon the chance to say goodbyes, but this proves to be an enormous error.

Rhona has hit rock bottom and, feeling that she has nothing to lose decides to make a major change in her life – she takes Ivy’s belongings and sets off for the hills.Rhona takes action as she fears letting Ivy go

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Marlon returns home to find his wife, the baby, and both of their belongings missing, and immediately knows what Rhona has done.He reveals what’s happened to Mary and the two begin the terrifying task of trying to find her, but they both know she doesn’t want to be found.

What will happen to Rhona when Gus realises what she’s done?


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