Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has teased a change for Aaron Dingle following his recent bad behaviour.

Aaron was disowned by his mum Chas Dingle earlier this week, after he’d viciously taunted Ethan Anderson while on a date in the Woolpack.

He has routinely lashed out at his loved ones since returning to the village, including bullying his brother-in-law Vinny Dingle and repeatedly insulting Chas.

However, there have also been small signs of compassion from Aaron and viewers got to see his softer side once again in Thursday’s (December 21) episode.

The episode revolved around the residents of the Dales coming together for the Christmas fair — including Dawn Taylor even though she was nearly ready to give birth.

Aaron happened to be sitting next to Dawn when she went into labour. Dawn asked Aaron to hold her hand as she was having contractions because she didn’t want to head home quite yet.

Billy rocked up to find Aaron holding his wife’s hand and confusedly asked what was going on.

“What do you think? I’m into women now,” Aaron sarcastically quipped.

When Dawn was finally ready to head home for her water birth, Aaron promised he’d tell vicar Charles Anderson the big news and make sure Clemmie was looked after.

dawn fletcher, billy fletcher, emmerdale

A grateful Dawn thanked Aaron before heading off to Home Farm. By the end of the episode, Dawn had delivered a healthy baby boy named Evan.

Meanwhile, Thursday’s episode may hint at redemption for Aaron in the new year as he’s set to be involved in a major new storyline for his mum Chas Dingle.


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