How might the blazing Slater respond to hearing that her significant other has cheated?

All things considered, we’re speculating not great!

Peruse on to hear how Kat finds out! Also, what she does about it, in EastEnders spoilers.

The Mitchells generally meet up to express goodbye to their Auntie Sal, when they head off to her memorial service. Auntie Sal’s significant other, Harold, gives a moving tribute that leaves everybody sad – even Phil!

In any case, that is by all accounts not the only shock Harold has at his disposal. Afterward, he lets Sam know that Auntie Sal left her, Phil and Award £100,000.

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Sam’s really glad, thinking it’ll be the response to her cash inconveniences, however when she requests the wonga from her sibling, he won’t hand it over.

Alfie spills!
Afterward, however, a displeased Sam goes over and similarly irritated Alfie, and she’s excited when Mr Moon uncovers all that he is familiar with Phil laying down with Lola’s mum, Emma.

Obviously, Sam will utilize this data for her potential benefit! So off she goes to Peggy’s to coerce her elder sibling into giving her the cash.

However, phil actually won’t move. Is it true or not that he is behaving recklessly?

The fact of the matter is out!
The following day is Phil and Kat’s joint birthday karaoke party at The Sovereign Vic. In any case, Kat’s persuaded something’s going on Phil’s as yet not surrendering to his sister’s requests.

At the point when Kat clocks Phil and Ben somewhere down in discussion, she’s much more persuaded something’s not right. She goes up against Ben, yet he covers for his father.

Later at the bar, Phil at long last surrenders to Sam and consents to give up the cash. Then, at that point, he and Kat share a second. Aww. Close call, but all is good?

By no means. This is Walford, all things considered!

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Sam takes the mic and reports to the entire bar that Phil laid down with Emma!

Unfortunate Kat’s left staggering, while everybody’s irate with Sam for letting the cat out of the bag.

Is this the end for Kat and Phil?

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