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Emmerdale spoilers Dawn Taylor forgets major moment as she takes the center of the screen in her new tale

Dawn Taylor
Dawn Taylor

Dawn Taylor(Olivia Bromley) has had plenty to do after the birth of her son Evan at Emmerdale.

Alongside caring for a newborn,Dawn and Billy ( Jay Kontzle) are also the parents of youngsters Lucas (Noah Ryan Aspinall) and Clemmie (Mabel Addison).

Both of them try to stay on top of their busy lives, but on the Wednesday’s (February 14, 2014) Episode of The ITV soap Dawn received a second reminding her that she’s not managing all of it at the moment.

The morning before Valentine’s Day, Dawn was delighted to see that Billy had planned an exquisite breakfast to celebrate the day with them each.

When Dawn took a seat and listened to Billy discuss their dinner at Hotten in the evening, Lydia (Karen Blick) was able to see Dawn’s expression.

While Billy had left, Lydia asked Dawn if she remembered Valentine’s Day.

Dawn explained that, besides her inability to remember the exact date right this moment, she not even thought about the Valentine’s Day celebration this year, which marks two years ago when she got married Billy.

It was a unforgettable event also transpired to occur the day that Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) was back, and she tried to slay them both.

When Billy was leaving to work, Dawn became determined to come up with a strategy to impress him.

When the evening came around, Billy came back, he saw that the Home Farm lounge decorated with candles.

When he got inside the room, he saw Dawn all dressed in a glam outfit with her makeup put on and asleep on the couch.

After waking, Dawn suddenly remembered they were to head out. However, kindhearted Billy told her that it didn’t matter.

This week on Emmerdale, Dawn found a new friend from the newcomer Ella (Paula Lane) and shared her thoughts about the issues she has dealing with feeding Evan and ensuring she is giving sufficient focus to her other two children.

She’s clearly experiencing exhaustion However, could this be a hint of an upcoming storyline for Dawn?

If she has a hard time receiving all the support she needs from her family and friends relatives, to whom will she turn? take her?


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