ITV Emmerdale aired a new bombshell on Wednesday night after Tracy Metcalfe and Caleb Milligan’s affair was rumbled earlier this week

Emmerdale’s Tracy Metcalfe got revenge on Caleb Milligan on Wednesday after their affair was exposed.

Only recently, Caleb and Tracy have embarked in a shock affair despite the latter being newly married to Nate Robinson, whose uncle is Caleb. On Christmas Day, the duo were rumbled by a shocked Moira Dingle, who ordered Caleb to end his relationship with Tracy.

On Wednesday’s episode, Caleb put an end to their affair, leaving Tracy both devastated and humiliated. Later, Tracy decided to get revenge by blackmailing Caleb into supporting her nursery project or she would tell his brother Cain Dingle. Tracy said: “Maybe you underestimate me”, claiming she only got with him to get “more from life”, she warned: “I’m not messing around here.”

Later, Tracy announced in the pub to her stunned family that Caleb was investing in her nursery, leaving Moira suspicious and Caleb seriously unimpressed.

Emmerdale’s Tracy Metcalfe got revenge on Caleb Milligan on Wednesday after their affair was exposed (Image: ITV)

However, despite Tracy’s blackmail threat, some soap watchers think there could be another twist to come. Viewers were quick to speculate that Tracy could be pregnant, leaving her in a dilemma of who is the father, especially as Caleb’s wife Ruby Fox-Milligan is set to join the village soon.

Taking to Twitter, now X, one person said: “#Emmerdale Tracy of course will be pregnant soon. A paternity storyline will follow. Surprised Caleb actually trying to walk away from Tracy”, a different account put: “I hope Tracy gets pregnant and it’s Caleb’s. #Emmerdale”, another viewer wrote: “Cue Tracy getting pregnant & not knowing if Nate or Caleb’s the daddy #Emmerdale” while another added: “Will Tracy fall pregnant after affair with Caleb?”

It comes as Emmerdale teased of Caleb’s wife Ruby, played by Beth Cordingly: “If Ruby believes Caleb, played by Will Ash, has finally found a family of his own away from her, it’s fair to say she’d happily destroy it rather than allow Caleb to be happy without her. Ruby’s a force to be reckoned with and a ticking time bomb.”

Producer Kate Brooks added: “Ruby is an absolute force of nature who sweeps through the village with scores to settle. Fiercely loyal to her family, Ruby will do anything and everything to protect her loved ones. Her relationship with Caleb is infused with intense passion that manifests itself as the ultimate volatile relationship.

“Ruby is a character who pulls no punches and always makes an impression. We’re delighted to welcome Beth to the show and we’re sure she’ll make a wonderful addition to the village.”


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