Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry’s) life changed for the time being in Emmerdale when she found that her ex Gus (Alan McKenna) and his better half Lucy had utilized an undeveloped organism that Gus and Rhona had frozen when they were hitched.

At the point when Lucy passed on not long after child Ivy was conceived, Gus was left lamenting for his better half and battling to adapt to really focusing on an infant. Rhona, in the interim, needed to find some peace with the acknowledgment that a child with her qualities was living close by and she had no lawful freedoms over what has been going on with her.

Over Christmas Mary (Louise Jameson) carried Gus and Ivy to live with Rhona, Marlon (Imprint Charnock) and the remainder of the family since Gus couldn’t actually enjoy the child. Before long subsequently he disappeared.

This passed on Rhona and Marlon to take care of Ivy and, simultaneously, bond with the young lady. The more extended the circumstance goes on, the nearer the bond becomes. Despite the fact that Gus has as of late been in touch once more, Zoe Henry let us know that Rhona has been very manipulative in putting him off.

‘She’s played on his instabilities since he’s said,”‘I’ve been seeing a guide and they said I must be 100 percent solid.”‘ she told us.

‘Also, she’s like, “Better believe it, and in the event that you’re not you’ll just fix yourself back once more and you must put Ivy first.” It’s very manipulative. It comes from a decent spot however she’s doing it for her own advantage too on the grounds that she doesn’t believe Ivy should go anyplace.’

Marlon was at first especially against Ivy living with them, stressed that it would be disturbing for Leo (Harvey Rogerson) and April (Amelia Flanagan) and eventually for Rhona when the child needed to get back to Gus. As time has gone on, his sentiments have changed decisively, as Zoe called attention to.

‘He’s totally gone completely gaga over Ivy, which is a truly beautiful bend,’ she grinned.

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‘So have Leo and April. It’s a worst situation imaginable in light of the fact that they’ve turned into this very close little family. They all manage everything well and you kind of fall into an example with a child and they have into the cadence of that so all that’s working out – and afterward Gus rings.’

The entertainer said that an issue which might have destroyed Marlon and Rhona is presently drawing them together.

‘I think he knows how the amount Rhona upheld him through his stroke. He can’t not have the foggiest idea about that and can’t not kind of ponder that,’ she reflected. ‘So I think he knows whether he maintains that his marriage should endure he’s most likely got to help her. I think he truly is enamored with that little child too by this point.’

With respect to where the story is going since Gus has come back in contact, Zoe let us know that Rhona ‘goes all on a mission’ to keep Ivy.

‘I think you generally need to play the reality of a circumstance. You need to draw on your own encounters as well as – what might I do in this present circumstance? On the off chance that you were undermined with someone saying, “Indeed, it’s not your child is it?” despite the fact that you’ve cared for it for a considerable length of time and organically it’s yours and it’s your DNA, yet you’re at absolutely no point ever going to have the option to see it in the future. I think I’d likely get pretty uncommon too at that time, you know.

‘It’s that basic thing – that is her child.’

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