Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) was given quite the shock in Friday’s (December 29) episode of Emmerdale as she realised she’d be looking after baby Ivy for a little longer than expected.

A few months ago, Rhona was told ex-partner Gus had stolen one of her frozen embryos so his new partner Lucy could get pregnant.

This has left Rhona the biological mother of Ivy – but not her legal one.

Due to the fact Lucy died shortly after giving birth, Gus has struggled with his grief and looking after a newborn.

Despite telling each other to keep their distance, Rhona and Mary (Louise Jameson) have helped Gus a lot over the past couple of weeks, and even let him and Ivy stay over Christmas.

In tonight’s episode of the ITV soap, it was New Year’s Eve.

While many village residents reflected on 2023 and prepared to celebrate the start of 2024, Mary and Rhona were out walking discussing Gus’s sudden disappearance and what that could mean for Ivy.

Mary pointed out that it was important to consider Marlon’s (Mark Charnock) feelings in this situation – who wasn’t happy with the prospect of looking after a newborn permanently.

Just as they returned, Rhona found a letter from Gus on the floor in the doorway.

She opened the envelope and read the contents, learning that Gus wanted her to look after Ivy while he processes Lucy’s death.

That evening, Marlon and Rhona discussing the complex situation.

While Rhona argued there’s a chance Gus might not come back, Marlon said that if he does, taking Ivy will hurt Rhona even more because of the bond she’s going to build with her.

That, and the fact she’s currently looking after a child who isn’t legally hers.

As Rhona spends more time with Ivy, will Gus ever return?

If not, what will this development do to Rhona and Marlon’s relationship?

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