Emmerdale spoilers for the coming week have been confirmed. Tracy will make a major deal regarding her marriage to husband Nate during her romance with Caleb in the ITV soap

Tracy will take a huge decision regarding how she feels about her friendship with Nate the week following Emmerdale.

Tracy has been involved in an affair Caleb Dingle – but unbeknownst to her, he’s keeping in contact with his soon-to-be divorced wife Ruby which makes it obvious that things aren’t over for them. On the next episode of ITV’s soap, ITV soap Moira suggests Tracy not to dispose of things with her family, but she’s come to the decision to stay with her decision.

Emmerdale spoilers for the next episode are confirmed Tracy will make a major deal concerning her relationship with husband Nate in the midst of her relationship with Caleb in the ITV soap

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She chooses to reveal to Nate she doesn’t is in love with him. While Nate is initially uneasy, quickly turns into fury as he laments at her. He is desperate to find out why their union didn’t work and what next steps are for both of them.

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Tracy decides to end her relationship with Nate

Tracy weeps in pain and breaks into tears. Meanwhile, Nate wanders off into the outer reaches of the village, and wanders through the streets in circles. Even though it’s not the ideal decision Caleb chooses to ask Nate to stay at his house and Tracy is furious at the news that Nate has moved in with Caleb.

Cain is worried about Nate and is trying to maintain his optimism however, when Nate states that he feels Tracy has been seeing another person, Ruby and Cain share an approving glance. Ruby attempts to persuade Nate to learn whom Tracy has been having an affair with, and leaves Caleb completely shocked at her confession. Then, Ruby sees Caleb and Nicky fighting and wants to know the reason.

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In the meantime, Tracy and Nate decide it’s best to return to their home and agree that it would be better if they lived together to protect their daughter Frankie. Ruby is, in turn, heading back to the house and Caleb isn’t able to resist taking a moment to kiss.

Amy Walsh – who plays Tracy has previously spoken out about her role as the role of a “villain” in the soap. If asked about how she is enjoying being in the show, she responded: “I am. In particular, for my character. There have been a number of sad and tragic stories that I’ve also loved. But my dad died, my ex-husband had cancer. There’s been numerous instances in which Tracy has been the victim, and it’s a bit of a challenge for me to play the villain is quite thrilling. I’d love to play the antagonist since you’re playing more. You’ve got the information the rest of us want to know and you’ve got what your viewers want to be able to appreciate, you’ve got the authentic self to be playing on every level. It’s important to stay at the top of your game which makes the job tougher, yet more enjoyable.”


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