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BBC EastEnders spoilers reveal double casting return and a third teaser in DNA revelations

EastEnders spoilers
EastEnders spoilers

EastEnders viewers will witness two characters returning to this BBC soap this week the focus of two different stories, which include an upcoming DNA twist, as well as concern over a different local

EastEnders viewers will be seeing two familiar faces return to Walford this week following some absence from screen.

Another return may be included in scenes as well if the fans have their heads on the right plot. Between two massive storylines such as the fallout from the DNA plot, and also an individual who disappears after having psychosis, two of the residents have confirmed that they will be appearing in new episodes.

Cindy Beale is back on the Square this week, only two weeks after fleeing to see Cindy Jr. Cindy Jr – with her returning when the ex George Knight needs support after the discovery of his DNA. George has recently discovered the real reason behind the adoption, and now this week, a shocking crime turn leads him to discover the truth about his early years.

George will have to struggle with the aftermath of learning the truth about his life as well as what his adoptive family were hiding for years. While he was at it, Cindy Jr had no thought that she had a mother but she didn’t die until 1998. She was in witness protection, and her mother being under watch protection all the time, right until the end of last year, when she appeared back to life in the TV show.

Cindy Jr will no doubt be a bit upset by this announcement, considering that her mother’s apparent death while having her baby which left her with guilt throughout her entire life. However, Cindy Sr will return next week, just after she has left to visit her daughter. So what is going on, and can this lead to returning Cindy Jr?

Many viewers are convinced and believe this is the right time to allow Cindy to make a return appearance on the show for the first time since. The question is if Cindy is able to rejoin her mom in Walford is not yet determined, and there’s a new confirmed appearance by the character scheduled for next week.

Spoilers indicate that we’ll get to see more about the serial murderer Lucas Johnson, after his surprising return to the show in an episode recently. The ex-wife Denise Fox went to see his inmates, while she hides what happened on December 25th, Christmas Day to her family and friends. family members.

Denise’s mental illness has taken a turn and she’ll be heading to Walford and is struggling with the events of her life. People who watch the show know that Denise was among six women in the killing of Keanu Taylor. The group was responsible for later burying the body of Keanu Taylor on the cafe’s floor.

Denise suffers from psychosis, and having visited Lucas last week, hoping for clarification from her husband who killed her She plans to visit Lucas again in the next week, despite the heightened concern she has for the people she loves. When she meets Lucas does she wind in confessing to her guilt?

There’s no way to know the situation, however towards the time the week is over everybody is worried about Denise’s. Denise is able to run from Walford after which she flees into the forest – but can anyone be there to help her?

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