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EastEnders actor Bobby Brazier confirms when he is back to the set of

EastEnders actor Bobby Brazier
EastEnders actor Bobby Brazier

The actor is done in his The Strictly tour.

EastEnders actor Bobby Brazier has announced the date he will return his home to Albert Square.

The Freddie Slater actor took a time out from filming to participate in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing which Slater was third-place winner, and also to be a part of The Strictly live-tour and concluded the weekend that just passed.

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In an interview with The Daily Telegraph during the TV Choice Awards, Bobby said he’ll return on the set next Tuesday (February 19).

Although the actor claims the actor is excited to go back to work but he’s sad to know about the fact that the Strictly time is now over and he’s unable to have time to take holidays between his tour before starting his new work.

Between the end of the show and the start of the tour Bobby confessed that he was “a bit lost” not having the routine of competitions to be prepared for everyday.

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Then he told me: “I miss Dianne. I’m eating ice-cream as breakfast, and I’m at an inanimate space… The problem is that I am unsure of how to proceed, what should I do? became infatuated during the past couple of months, and I just told the tale.

“Whether it’s the joyful story or the grief story, any kind of story, just the ability to express myself, with Dianne, through the means of a dance is so much fun. [I feel] immense joy and deep distress, but [I gained] memories that will last a lifetime.”

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EastEnders is broadcast on Mondays and Thursdays between 730pm and 7.30pm at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show is also available through BBC iPlayer, where most episodes are released early, around 6 am prior to their broadcast on television.


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