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EastEnders spoilers for next week: Denise disappears as her hallucinations worsen

Eastenders spoilers Denise
Eastenders spoilers Denise

Denise is falling apart

EastEnders spoilers

Our EastEnders spoilers for next week can reveal that Denise disappears as she begins to see visions of murdered Keanu. But can she be found before she does something drastic?

Elsewhere, Stacey confides in Suki about her affair with Jack, and Linda makes a promise to Johnny.

Then, George reaches out to Cindy for comfort, and Dean worries about Jade.

Read our EastEnders spoilers for these stories in full below.

1. Denise disappears while her mind is unable to stop unraveling

In the beginning of the week, the week begins, and Denise’s mental state is beginning to become more erratic. It is when she starts experiencing hallucinations that are reminiscent of Keanu that she believes are true.

Stacey visits her, however Denise attempts to shrug away the problem. When Denise speaks about her experiences and what she’s hearing, Stacey realises that Denise suffers from psychosis. She tries to persuade Denise to seek out an expert.

Ricky believes Denise is suffering from a panic attack after he listens to her talk about bizarre things. But, Amy insists she just has to go to bed.

When Denise runs out to hide within a bush Stacey returns her to her home, where Yolande as well as Pastor Clayton arrive to offer advice. When Stacey insists Denise requires a visit to an psychiatric specialist, Denise pays a visit to the one person she believes will help her, Lucas.

But, Lucas is very worried over Denise’s conduct and statements she makes. If she returns home in an uncontrollable state Denise makes a mess of Amy as well as Ricky.

She tells Denise that she has to go someplace else to make sure they’re in a safe place and then grabs her keys to the car. But, Amy convinces Denise to take her along she drives off together.

2. Stacey confesses to Suki… as she plans to end the fling

In another scene, Stacey tells Suki that she’s seen Jack. Suki demands that Jack should remain with his wife and put things to rest for their good.

In the following days, Stacey tells Jack that their relationship is over However, the conversation gets disrupted by Lucas phone calls to discuss his concerns concerning Denise.

The woods are ablaze, Denise and Amy drive in a high-speed car, frightening Amy. Denise abruptly pulls the car off and scurries away into darkness, leaving Amy devastated.

Could Denise be located before it’s already too far?

3. Linda promises to get sober to Johnny

In The Vic The Vic the idea that Denise disappeared from The Vic. As a group, residents begin an investigation. While they are at it, Chelsea and Johnny have one of their heated conversations regarding Denise.

While Linda is in the middle, Johnny is reeling following Linda’s confession Linda’s confession Johnny is engulfed in regret over not being there to support Linda.

Linda attempts to comfort her son. She promises him she’ll quit drinking. But is it possible for Linda overcome her fears?

4. George changes into Cindy to find comfort.

George is continuing struggling with the aftermath following his discussion with Gloria the other week. He isn’t sure if he’s at ease sharing the specifics of his issues with Elaine.

In the end, he leaves Cindy an email. In the message, he informs her that he wished that she was in the same place…

While Ian is at work, Ian is perturbed when Ian discovers Cindy had cut her travels to home and returned and she’s not yet seen him in a while.

Cindy is on her way to visit George and he must talk about his feelings of despair regarding Gloria as well as Eddie’s court battle. Cindy assures George that she’ll help him out when she’s needed.

5. Dean is worried about Jade

Dean is afraid after he learns that Jade is strolling about the Square with a cold, because he’s worried about her well-being.

In another location, Jean encourages Nugget and Avani to become friends with Jade And they will. Then, Dean arrives home to be surprised to find Jade having fun with her new acquaintances.

Dean informs Jade that it’s freezing cold for her to hang out with her buddies. He rebukes her, but she is later found in McKlunky’s restaurant with Nugget as well as Avani.

Jade is shocked she is shocked Dean takes his foot off before her brand new acquaintances. Avani tells her that her father has her walking on a leash.

What do you think Jade React?


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