An instant of despair can trigger teens spiral.

Danes is a DENZEL Danes gets back into the spotlight after being on the sidelines.

The EastEnders teenager who is played by Jaden Ladega is given a fresh plot after a brutal attack however, what sort of a problem does he have in store for him?

Denzel Danes is scheduled for chaos next week. Credit: BBC

The story begins as a teenager tries to get him involved in fighting. BBC

someone is injured. Credit: BBC

As the adults in Walford face the issues of their own, many kids who live in Albert Square are facing problems which seem to be impossible to solve.

This episode next week on BBC One, Denzel Danes gets into a heated argument with the bully Logan inside McKlunky’s. Denzel is confronted by Logan as well as his group in the outside.

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He is fortunate that Yolande Trueman (Angela Wynter) is aware of what’s going on and decides to take action.

In doing this she falls over and a gang of thugs captures her on camera, leaving Denzel to be horrified for not being able to protect Yolande from being attacked.

In another scene, Denzel is humiliated by the footage that shows him not doing enough to safeguard Yolande.

If Nugget Gulati (Juhaim Rasul Choudhury) is teasing his friend, Denzel lashes out, making Nugget’s mom Priya Nandra Hart (Sophie Khan Levy) to separate them.

Then, Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) as well as Priya are able to bring Nugget as well as his younger sister Avani on the scene to express their regrets.

In order to seal the peace, Ravi invites the boys to The Boxing Den to learn an alternative method of channeling their feelings.

Amy Mitchell (Ellie Dadd) Then, she tries to comfort Denzel regarding his disagreement with Logan However, Denzel is worried about being too buff.

At The Boxing Den, Denzel spars with Nugget and then asks George Knight (Colin Salmon) to join the ring alongside fighter Rufus.

Following Denzel is trying to go way too high, George gives him a encouragement to manage his feelings and gaining resilience – does it be absorbed?

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The McKlunky’s Restaurant, Amy is later annoyed after she discovers that Denzel gets so caught up in fitness videos that he does not pay attention to her.

He’s even more hurt when she opts to visit the gym, instead of eating dinner with her at home.

Can Denzel’s latest passion for music influence the day-to-day life of Walford?

How would Amy the woman who’s had various issues with her mental well-being, handle it?

EastEnders runs from Monday to Thursday on 7.30pm in BBC One.

Amy is disturbed by Denzel’s behavior

Does Yolande assist the boy?


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