How will Jacob react to the row between his mum and his ex?

VICTORIA Sugden could be banged up behind bars after going on the warpath following her relationship breakdown.

The mum-of-one has been romancing her former step-son Jacob Gallagher in an age-gap love plot.

Victoria Sugden brutally assaults Leyla Harding in a street row
Victoria Sugden brutally assaults Leyla Harding in a street rowCredit: ITV

Victoria and Jacob have been all over each other in the Dales the past few months and have regularly stripped off to enjoy sordid steamy sex sessions with one another.

Their romance was too much to bare for Jacob’s father David who was still desperately in love with Victoria despite her falling for his child.

She soon finds herself arrested for her behaviour
She soon finds herself arrested for her behaviourCredit: ITV

He soon fled Emmerdale and disowned Jacob over the romance but with the relationship having reached its end, things are set to get a whole lot harder for the couple.

With their relationship well and truly in the gutter, Jacob is left absolutely heartbroken.

As Moira encourages Victoria to move on and find a new job as her passion to take her mind off Jacob, he struggles to hide the pain of how badly the break-up has affected him.

As he admits he can’t move on, Leyla encourages him to return to his studies and focus on that.

However, it becomes clear that Jacob is hoping for a reunion with Victoria on the sly.

Having enjoyed a lunch out with Wendy, Victoria is displeased to run into Jacob’s mother Leyla where the pair come to blows over the failed romance.

Disgusted at the way Victoria has treated her son, the argument gets nasty and sees Victoria punch Leyla hard.

With PC Swirling on the street, he has no option to arrest Victoria for assault.

How will Jacob react when he realises Victoria has been taken to the police station?

And will Leyla make it out unscathed or will Jacob have a few choice words for meddling with his ex?


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